Monday, March 21, 2011

rest day?

Today is my rest day. Yesterday's run in the rain surprisingly took little out of me. I must have stretched five times last night before bed and once before I left for class this morning (just to make sure). I'm not crampy or over tired. On the whole, Monday has been a pretty good day so far. It wasn't very cold this morning and the sun came out before class was over.
On the agenda today:
#1 Rest. If there's one thing that I'm good at, that would be it. I am an excellent napper. I rarely have trouble falling asleep, getting up is a different story. Waking up at 0600 this morning proved to be a challenge. I ended up hitting the snooze until 6:30 and wasn't fully awake until 7:30. I think I may have been dreading the ride in today. It's only 2.5 miles from my house to Madison College but it was cloudy and I was reluctant to go out in the cold
#2 Class. The first day back from spring break is the hardest. One week is hardly a break. It is more like a teaser. You blink and it's over, you don't get near as much done as you hoped and you can't allow yourself much relaxation because you know you'll be back in a week. I have an exam tomorrow, a paper due, and another exam on Thursday. Hello again, college classes, I've missed your late-night study sessions, endless paperwork to keep organized and STRESS. not. No really, I love it. I just wish (like many others I'm sure) I was allotted more time in the day to get everything done.
#3 Xtrain. I was going to swim today but I didn't get to the gym early enough this morning. I'm sure I'll get some quality cross training on my bicycle these next few months. I lost my car to a drunk driver last summer. A friend of mine let me borrow his car through the winter. It totally saved me from the elements more than once. It has been getting warmer here in southern Wisconsin.  Here, anything above (or hovering around) freezing after a winter of sub-zero temps feels like summertime. Hey, the days are getting longer. That's good enough for me. First time back on my bike was last Friday. I've been on my bike 6 out of the last 10 days. It's been amazing! When the call came in asking for the return of the borrowed wheels, I didn't hesitate. I gave it back yesterday. My car today is a 70's steel frame Gitane road bike with whitewall tires. I think I owe my lack of knee pain lately to my bike.
#4 Work. The ride here would have been a lot shorter had I not pulled a move so typical of me this morning. I forgot an essential piece of my wardrobe at home so after class I headed off in the opposite direction of work just to turn around and come back ten minutes later. It was sunny so the ride was great. Apart from the .2 mile stretch down the side of a busy highway, my first bicycle ride to work this year was smooth and uneventful.
All in all, my day has been pretty full. Rest-ful? I'm still not sure. I definitely don't feel overworked. I think that's good enough.

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