Monday, March 28, 2011


It's sunny again today. Yeah! Perfect for a bike ride in to class, which is where I'm headed in a few minutes. It's still 28 degrees but it's supposed to be almost 40 today so I'm pretending that time is now.
Today is my rest day, like every Monday. Good thing too, because I've got another exam tomorrow to study for  and a paper to finish up on. I'll still get a little sweat on while riding the bike.
Yesterday's long run was really hard at first, looking towards the end of a really long run was daunting. I stopped and walked a few times to rub out some cramps. I overdressed a little too. About 4 miles in, I stopped and left half my warm clothes with someone so I didn't have to worry about losing anything. Little did I know I had already dropped the gloves I had brought with me. Meh, winter's almost over. After that short break, it was on.
I started running and didn't stop for more than a couple of steps the whole rest of the way. Then I really started to enjoy myself. When it came time to turn around, I decided not to. I kept going and made the extra loop past the UW hospital and back around. I ended up running 10.4 miles yesterday! I totally surprised myself. Yesterday morning I was dreading the run because a part of me was afraid I couldn't make it the 9 miles required for my workout, because I hadn't ever done it before. Now I feel like this week's 12 miles will be a piece of cake. It's only 2 miles further than yesterday.

On the schedule this week:
Tuesday, 5 mile hill repeats
Wednesday, Yoga,  5 miles, easy pace
Thursday, 4 miles, pace run. Goal, 10:00min/mile + warm-up and cool down
Friday, 4 miles, outdoors?
Saturday, 3 miles easy
Sunday, 12 miles!  I may switch my Saturday and Sunday runs this week because it's supposed to rain again this Sunday. We'll see. I don't run too fast and I don't want to be running in the rain for 2 hours.
If I reach my quota, I'll be running 33+ miles this week!


  1. This post made me smile because I so know the feeling you get when you say to yourself "I can do this"...Keep going and we'll keep reading and rooting! When's your marathon? Mine is in September...getting a bit nervous even talking about it!

  2. the race day countdown..where did you get tha from?

  3. Thanks for reading. I'm running Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN. on June 18th. I'm not letting myself get nervous just yet, Anything can happen between now and then. Who knows, maybe I'll have complete confidence by race day? I doubt the butterflies will disappear completely.
    I got the counter at They have a countdown for just about everything.

  4. congrats! it always feel good going farther than you set out to do! great mental discipline!!


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