Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's on...

I skipped out on riding my bike to campus today. It was near freezing and raining steadily with no signs of slowing. I took my dog out just before I planned on leaving home on my bike. By the time I was out the door I had decided to ask for a ride.
I was feeling prepared  as I walked into class a few minutes before the first exam. I've studied for this, it'll be easy.
Suddenly... test anxiety hits, and you find yourself staring at the same question that you were staring at twenty minutes ago. I left the classroom feeling defeated. I had never wanted to run more. Had my workout been any later I would only be allowing myself more opportunity for rumination. The gym is just down the hall from class, so I was on the treadmill in no time. After 13 minutes walking to warm up, I did a few easy intervals. It felt really good to run. My knee didn't hurt at all and it was liberating to just let myself sprint, sweat, lose my breath and repeat. There were a couple lingering thoughts but soon the stress melted away and I started to enjoy the ride.

4 miles on the schedule today, I traveled 4.6 (including warm-up). No biking but I'll make up for that tenfold before the week is through.
Tomorrow is 5 miles. Treadmill again probably, it's supposed to snow.

This was my kick in the butt today, perfect...
Feel the flow of your dance and know you are not running for some future reward—the reward is now!
Fred Rohe, The Zen of Running

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