Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Looking outside this morning, I was almost fooled by the sunny weather. It looks so nice. Wisconsin weather can be deceiving, it's really below freezing and breezy. I guess I can't complain too much about the weather. It's not raining like last week. If I can't have warm weather I'd rather have sun. The cold still makes me lie in dread of my run to come, but I know I can handle it. I still wonder, even though I've been living in this state for ten years and know for a fact that it doesn't bother me too much. I'm sure I won't even notice the cold after the first 2 miles.
Other than the slight fear of the cold, I'm pretty excited about my run. Today's nine miles will be the furthest I've ever run in my entire life. I think that may be adding to my hesitation a little as well. Part of me wonders if I'm even capable of running that far. Taking a couple of walking breaks may be an option, but I'm prepared for that possibility and I'll try my best not to overexert my self to the point of having to walk.
I can do this. I am prepared. I spent the whole week indoors and it will be fantastic to find myself back on the road again.
I don't have a fancy GPS and I still can't find my pedometer so I'm back to planning my run on GoogleMaps. Half the fun of running outside these days is plotting my path. I get pretty excited to run down new streets and into new areas. I am becoming aware that as my runs get longer, There will be much more of the city to see. The view from the road as a runner is an interesting perspective which I never thought about before I was a runner. There is so much more to take in. Running through the neighborhoods of my city gives me an incredible sense of belonging. It feels as if I have become intimately acquainted with my surroundings, more connected in a way. I have seen parts of this city from a perspective not many people share. Riding around in a car allows you to miss those little things like the smell of spring quickly approaching or the sound of the wind through the trees. If you are interested in seeing my course, it's a public map and just an addition to the one I shared last week. You're welcome to check it out. If you happen to see me running down Gorham in about an hour. Give a shout!

Other than running lately, I am getting used to this whole blogging thing. I'm new to the game, so my blog may not be one of the most polished but I am aware that I now have a few followers. Thank you. In addition to writing about running, I have also been reading about it more. I was surprised to find so many amazing women  sharing their experiences online as well. I have been enjoying everyone else's blogs as much, if not more than writing my own. I have a lot of respect for those women out there that can work, run a household, be there for her children, and still find time to train for a marathon. You rock!
My mom has run marathons since as far back as I can remember. The jogging stroller and weekend races were just a part of what made my family unique. The crowds and the early mornings were a norm. I grew up in this lifestyle but only now am I beginning to fully embrace it as way of life.
I am looking forward to reading more about other's experiences in training and gleaning as much inspiration as I possibly can.

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