Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, long run

Sundays are supposed to be the most intense runs of the week. The runs will continue to get longer as race day draws nearer.
Today the distance was five miles, not too bad. It would have been easier if I had not just run every day for the last six days prior. I've logged 18 miles already this week, and today's run makes it 23.
It has been cold here in the upper midwest. Yesterday it was fifteen degrees outside during my run. The bike path was covered in snow and ice and large flakes drifted past me as I ran. Only two miles, but it was more exhilarating than I expected.
Today it was milder, no snow and the temperature had risen to the mid twenties. It was still cloudy. I bundled up in my long sleeve shirt, fleece vest, long socks and tights. Equipped with my iPod streaming Pureibiza Podcast, five miles went fairly smoothly. My knees hurt for the second half of the run but I kept going. Usually, the pain gets worse if I stop to walk for a while, so I kept going.
Personal goal for the day: run through the pain.
My muscles are still pretty tight but I'm going to stretch before bed and tomorrow's my rest day. Finally.
Tomorrow my goal is to do a little time on the elliptical trainer and/or swim a few laps. We'll see.

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