Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, rest day

I'm so glad this is a day of rest. My legs are still pretty sore from yesterday's long run. Five miles shouldn't be that hard on my body considering I ran fairly regularly before my training started. I thought I was in better shape.
Then there is the eighteen miles I ran previously last week. Thinking about that makes me feel less weak.
No matter what I'm feeling now, my focus has to be on keeping my complaints to a minimum. I've got to stick it out because it's only going to get harder.
I went for a swim today to help stretch out my sore muscles. Twenty minutes at the MATC pool. I lost count of the laps. The knees were a little uncooperative but I think a little time in the water was good. They say it's good to rest, but a little low impact exercise helps to keep you going.
You know, it's funny but I almost feel guilty for not running today. That guilt will go out the window when I start all over again tomorrow.
This week, the distance builds to twenty-two miles. Maybe a little more for good measure, who knows? Also on the agenda this week is core work. The dreaded crunches are at my doorstep. I've got a copy of Ab-RipperX to follow, so hopefully it won't be too boring. The trick will be to find a good routine that doesn't actually seem routine. Trick myself into strength work. I'll be reading and looking for suggestions until I find what's right for me.

Core work attempt #1 starts now. p90x, here I come!

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